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About Ignite Consulting & Executive Coaching


Ignite Consulting & Executive Coaching was founded by Cheng Yin Symonds in 2012 as a Singapore registered international business to deliver leadership development and executive coaching services.  Since 2012, IGNITE has partnered with multinational corporations based across Asia Pacific including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan and Australia; in parts of Europe including France and Netherlands; and across west coast cities in the USA.   

In late 2016, IGNITE was re-incorporated in the USA as Ignite Consulting & Executive Coaching Inc., signaling a commitment to expand IGNITE’s client base to include a larger USA component, while maintaining client interests in Asia Pacific as part of today’s global economy.

Consistent with the original vision, IGNITE continues to deliver niche services in executive coaching and leadership development.  With growing maturity, IGNITE is also offering foundation and advance executive coach training through partnership platforms from 2017. 

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