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ignite leadership workshops

IGNITE believes that leadership and team effectiveness start with individual intentions, choices and actions. 
IGNITE also believes that success as a leader can be learned.  Therefore, any individual leader with positive intentions can create positive outcomes for the self and the team through the acquisition and application of new knowledge, skills and practical experiences. 

For more information on Leadership Workshops, please email to request details including sample workshop programs, approaches and agendas.

Customized Leadership Workshops

IGNITE partners with client sponsors in changing leadership and team stories, offering individuals and groups opportunities to re-group, re-align and re-direct their energies.  Clients come to IGNITE for bespoke workshops when they require a definitive and significant change, and often, a greater coming together of intelligent leaders with potentially diverse agendas.

Customized workshops typically have challenging and stretch goals, demanding engagement and outcomes within a short and intense encounter.   Tandem partnership, thorough discovery, realistic outcome setting, design mastery and facilitation expertise are key elements of IGNITE’s success in creating the returns of investment for clients during these customized workshops.

On evaluation of requests and possibilities, IGNITE often accepts leadership workshop assignments that others may deem difficult.  This statement is not lightly made.  Instead, it is one based on realistic assessment, confidence and experience, a love of difficult challenges, and a distinct dislike for perceived barriers to success.  In suitable cases, IGNITE may offer a fee option with a portion of workshop fees contingent on outcome achievement.

Leadership Effectiveness Workshops

For building individual Leadership Effectiveness within a leadership team, IGNITE delivers a workshop-based program that typically:

  • Includes business goals defined by the organization leadership;
  • Leverages practices of accountability, positive actions, commitment, integrity, openness and feedback to bind individuals in teams around business goals.
  • Employs individual and group coaching techniques to drive individual and group awareness and learning.
  • Employs workshop tools and processes that challenge individual choices, self-discovery, other-discovery, reflection and commitment to actions. 

Leadership Competency Development Workshops

For sustainable Leadership Competency Development, targeted at developing leaders, IGNITE employs a mix of formal concept learning, group coaching, action learning and practice at the workplace.  The program typically:

  • Utilizes diverse methodologies of large-group training, small-group coaching and small-group action learning to optimize learning and practice for participants with differing learning styles.
  • Creates sustainable growth by building overall competency over a period of time; progressively adding more advanced learning and practice over time, and allowing sufficient time and space for real on-the-ground practice in between learning sessions.
  • Promotes flexibility through a modular and potentially bespoke approach, allowing you to cater for individual and organization requirements.