Client Testimonials

Cheng Yin is grateful to clients for their generosity in sharing feedback on the experience of working with her. With permission and in their own words, here are some of their comments. Unless specified, client’s positions in the respective companies are referenced at the point of the coaching or workshop engagement.

  •     "I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Cheng Yin over the last 3 years - in workshops as a facilitator and as a business coach. Each time I interact with Cheng Yin I learn something new about myself and as a consequence improve as a leader and team member. As a workshop facilitator Cheng Yin does an excellent job of pulling together a diverse group of people into a trusting team with a high level of accountability. I found her to be very engaging and have a wealth of experience in guiding teams to achieve their goals. As a coach I have no doubt she gets results – she really helped me become aware of the areas of my performance that I needed to improve and more importantly, how to do it. I really enjoyed her style of asking great questions, pushing me to find solutions and holding me accountable without ever telling me what to do. I would highly recommend Cheng Yin as a workshop facilitator or a coach.”   

    Will Hay, Managing Director at Align Technology (engagements 2014 – 2016)

  • “Cheng Yin and I embarked on a coaching journey over a period of 9 months. I initially didn't comprehend or understand the need for an executive coach but as I went through the process Cheng Yin has helped me to look at myself differently, to recognise what I needed to do to improve myself and taught me the tools to make it happen.

    As our coaching time progressed, apart from helping set my career strategy, she also became a "shoulder to lean on" when dealing with day to day challenges. Cheng Yin never made me feel like just another client, but as an individual she had a personal interest in helping to progress. For this I will always be grateful. I can not recommend Cheng Yin enough and I would not hesitate to call on her in the future.” 

    Joanne Corry, Director, Strategic Planning Office at Henkel (engagements 2011 – 2013)

  • “Cheng Yin Symonds brings to the table a rich mix of experiences, distilled from her years of work with clients from multiple geographies and cultures. It is this foundation that helps her uncover unique and powerful insights about her clients and which then becomes the ingredients in developing effective, “makes sense” action plans. As my executive coach, I enjoyed working with Cheng through this process. They say imitation is the best form flattery. As I talk these days to startup founders and early stage management teams, I do my best to channel my inner-Cheng.
    It is my pleasure to offer a “two thumbs up” endorsement for Cheng and the quality of her work. Let’s work together again soon!””

    Ren Menon, Global Product Strategist/ General Manager, Silicon Valley Capital (current role in 2017)

  • “I highly recommend Cheng Yin Symonds of Ignite Consulting & Executive Coaching to anyone looking to develop business skills that are essential for leading team members in a multinational company. Cheng Yin grew up in Singapore and has worked as an executive in Asia, Europe, and North America. Through this expansive background, Cheng Yin used her unique, multicultural experiences to help me navigate the challenges presented by a global, cross-functional work environment.

    I had the privilege of being coached by Cheng Yin in both group and individual sessions. Cheng Yin was selected by our executive management to coach our Asia Pacific Leadership Team during a multiple day workshop, which included conducting self-evaluations and focusing on how we can develop our team's combined strengths and potential weaknesses. In addressing potential weaknesses, we discussed warning signs to watch out for when dealing with certain challenges. We also learned how we could leverage other team members' individual strengths to help overcome potential group weaknesses. Cheng Yin's frank and firm, yet empathetic and warm, style left a lasting impression on me.

    I subsequently sought executive management's approval to engage Cheng Yin for a six-month individual coaching program, which management supported, especially given that I was a new member of the Asia Pacific Leadership Team and am a first-time expatriate in Singapore. The individual program leveraged the self-evaluation from our group session and began with a 360 review from twelve colleagues. Cheng Yin used the peer review feedback to discuss and strengthen my career growth plan. At the end of my six-month program with Cheng Yin, members of executive management complimented my increased focus and assimilation in Asia Pacific. Additionally, I received a promotion and additional responsibilities. She has helped pave the way for my success.

    Cheng Yin Symonds is simply the best at what she does, and I wholeheartedly recommend her for anyone's professional growth.”

    Ross Allen, Director Legal Affairs, Asia Pacific at Align Technology

  • “CY is a no-nonsense but patient coach who delivers results in the shortest amount of time. CY knows how to customize the principles that are the most befitting to your objectives and yet allow you to remain authentic. In other words, she gets it and knows how to work with you. This is KEY. Her motivating but challenging approach creates the change you need (even post coaching) to become a more effective leader.”   

    Celeste Cheong, Managing Director at Holmes & Marchant (engagement 2016)

  • "I greatly benefitted from Cheng Yin's executive coaching during my coaching sessions at Mercedes-Benz in China. Her coaching did not only extend my business focus but also my personal range of "thinking and acting". Not only because it was fun working with her, but because it was a most intensive and new experience to develop a certain awareness of my own patterns and believes. Knowing the own strength and development fields and how to use them is a big asset.

    Cheng Yin accomplished to unlock strengths, which I never used before. Due to Cheng Yin smart and straight coaching approach, she deserved my full trust and commitment in a very short period. Finally Cheng Yin could support me to strongly develop my leadership skills and to accomplish most critical business challenges in my field of responsibility. I very much enjoyed being coached and supported by Cheng Yin. I hope, one of my staff will have the great opportunity to get coached by Cheng Yin as well in the future!"

    Thorsten Strein, Director, After Sales Service at Mercedes Benz (engagement 2011-2012)

  • “Cheng Yin was engaged as a career coach to me at a point in my career where I was facing multiple challenges. I was facing a bottleneck in my development to the next phase of my career, and Cheng Yin was engaged to support me in helping through this phase. Throughout the course of my engagement with her, Cheng Yin was fun, friendly and impactful in her coaching sessions with me. I feel I could approach her on any topic, and she would have a ready support for me under any circumstance! The greatest benefit was not only to see her coaching impact myself, but it also helped me to be a better coach to my team members as well.  The results of her coaching has been visible to my peers and bosses.  I will not hesitate to recommend Cheng Yin to anyone who wants a sincere coach, always ready to listen and provide the appropriate advice which is sustainable.”

    Irene Liu, Chief Financial Office at PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting (engagement 2015-2016)

  • “We worked with Cheng Yin on various leadership development initiatives.  Cheng Yin is a very rare expert who can well adapt western coaching and facilitation methodology into Asian context.  She is extremely effective when dealing with diversified teams.  We have never seen such high and positive energy after her sessions with the leaders and leadership teams.  She helps them to become better persons and achieve better business results.  We certainly welcome her back.” 

    Angela Zhang, Director Human Resources at Applied Materials (engagements 2010-2011)

  • “Having Cheng Yin coach me has been the best decision I've made for myself in a long time! The coaching has really changed my outlook in both my professional and personal life for the better. She has an incredible ability to make you take a good look at yourself and has made me realize personal behaviors and traits about myself that I previously was not willing to confront or admit to. I can honestly say that in just a few months, I've completely changed the way I interact in my personal relationships which has led to a vast improvement in my sanity and happiness and it's also positively affected the others in my life as well. I am thankful to Cheng Yin for helping me to continue to make improvements and stand up for myself and my own happiness!”                                                                                                                                                            

    Jackie Lee, Vice President Business Development, Interstate Hotels & Resorts (engagement 2012)

  • “My initial impression with coaching was filled with skepticism - how can someone who doesn't know anything about my business or my team help me?  It is not until I understood that coaching is about self awareness, acceptance, and willingness to change that I see how coaching can help.  You need to reflect and recognize the underlying belief and what it takes to be effective.  Cheng Yin is the person who guided (and often challenged) me through this journey.  The outcome is I am a better, and most importantly, happier leader!” 

    Surachet Tanwongsval, Head of Strategic Planning at Henkel (engagement 2011 – 2012)

  • “As a top performer in a highly competitive corporate environment for 5 consecutive years, I took a senior role in a new market with a drastically different culture, and found myself working with a difficult managing director, and a highly uncooperative senior team who used to report to her.  After the managing director left, I was left to lead a team and work with colleagues in relationships that sustained a lot of damage during her presence.  Cheng Yin was able to change my perspective, and developed a number of psychological tools that allowed me to mend those relationships.  She provided me with examples of choices, decisions, and priorities, that I continue to draw on in my professional capacity.  I am even more grateful that these same lessons have also helped me improve my personal life.  With her guidance, I have developed into a stronger individual, and am equipped to realize a higher potential.  Having a sharp, emotionally intelligent coach like Cheng Yin even made the process enjoyable.”

    Kenny Lim, Senior Director, Business Development at Club Med (engagement 2011)

  • “Cheng Yin is a coach with very sharp insight, also very experienced to help coachees to land on those points in a very natural way. She is the person that I can build trust up immediately which I think is crucial for the coach relationship. The coach experience that I had with Cheng Yin is very inspiring, engaging and  sometimes push me to limit but in good control so that I can really start self reflection to realize what is the problem and what I can do differently. She doesn't let me always sit in my comfort zone, but provide just the right support to let me overcome the situation. I think without her help it would have been  very difficult for me to successfully transit into the new industrial, environment, culture of the current company.” 

    Xiaoping Shen, Director, Strategic Planning Office at Henkel (engagement 2011 – 2013)

  • “There are not many life-changing experiences that one could have, but attending the management workshop with Cheng Yin as the coach has been one of the few that made me see myself from a different perspective. With Cheng Yin’s guidance, I managed to identify my blind spots and to understand why I have been behaving or thinking in some ways that at the end related back to my own beliefs. The whole experience doesn’t just help me become a more effective leader, but also improves my skills in interacting with people. 

    The workshop contained some elements and contents that I came across before, but they were never part of me. And this time had been so different. I felt so strongly that I wanted to make the change because after I saw the “real me”, I couldn’t pretend I didn’t know and so, I had to face it. I can’t thank Cheng Yin more as she has taken me through this thought provoking process. She is by far the best executive coach in Asia and l would recommend her to whoever is ready for a life changing experience.”

    Gigi Tsui, General Manager at Align Technology (engagement 2014 – 2016)

  • “The workshop preparations were good, very effective games to achieve the objectives. We had fun during the workshop, a great way to learn and remember the concepts.”

    Julie Tay, Vice President Asia Pacific, Align Technology (engagements 2013 – 2015)